Glazed Bread (Vidre) is a pan with high moisture content, that is characterised by having an extraordinarily thin, crunchy crust and soft bread with large alveolus.

The flavour is exquisite and the texture rather surprising, crunchy on the outside and very soft inside.

This bread catches the attention of consumers because of its taste and its versatility, whether with a little olive oil, cured ham or tomato, it is delicious.

Glazed Bread – Today we suggest 4 ways of discovering it with these “Pinchos” bread rolls.

First of all we will advise you about the best way to prepare the bread.

  • Cut the loaf in half horizontally.
  • Heat the oven to 180ºC for 2 minutes (you may also use the grill or toaster).
  • Once the bread is hot, cut each half into slices to make the base for your favourite “Pincho” bread roll.

Glazed Bread with Pork Cutlet in Cheese Salad:

Ingredients: Panusa Glazed Bread, sliced pork cutlet, blue cheese sauce, a mix of lettuce leaves, sliced tomato, Grana Padano cheese, salt flakes and a little virgin extra olive oil.

Glazed Bread with Chicken in Mango Marinade; fresh Mozzarella cheese with roasted flavourings:

Ingredients: Panusa Glazed Bread, Chicken in Mango marinade, fresh Mozzarella cheese and ground roasted corn.

Glazed Bread with slivers of Cod with Pedro Ximenez sherry:

Ingredients: Panusa Glazed Bread, cod, aubergine, padron peppers, red pepper, onion, Pedro Ximenez sherry reduction, salt flakes and virgin extra olive oil.

Glazed Bread with Tex-Mex Salmon Tartare:

Ingredients: Panusa Glazed Bread, Salmon Tartare, Guacamole sauce, Shrimp tails, Quark Cheese, Lettuce Leaf Mix, Nachos for decoration.