That is why we have prepared the new Family of bread with extremely long fermentation (over 6 hours) with the best acetic and lactic sourdough that confers these products a glazed, crunchy crust, a strong flavour and longer lasting. Enjoy our Lobster bread, Provençal Bread, French Bread and Parisian Bread.

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Discover our “Great Taste Family” this year, made from natural sourdough, the legacy of our grandparents.

If you require further information about this family of bread products, do not hesitate to ask for more detailed information. Our sales team is always at your disposal to advise you.



Great Taste Family

Country Bread

Baguettes and Loaves

Happy Buns

Pinchos bread rolls

Gourmet small bread loaves

Sandwich baguettes

Healthy Line


Large Loaves

BUBLY CRUST: With more than 7 hours natural fermentation, our bread reaches the crunchiest texture you have ever tried.

MADE WITH 100% NATURAL SOURDOUGH: Enjoy Great Taste conferred by our 100% natural sourdough, whose formula has been passed down from generation to generation.

VERY LONG FERMENTATION: One of the longest fermentation processes in Europe, giving this bread a unique taste.

ARTISANAL PRODUCT: This bread is made following our tradition, that our Master Bakers have been using for decades.