History of a passion


This history dates back around one hundred years, to 1914 when my great-grandmother Isabel made bread in her wood-burning oven for her husband and children in the province of Burgos.

At that time my great-grandparents had a shop where they sold cloth and food products. The village grew because of the work by Campsa in the area, and houses for the many workers were built nearby.

As more and more people started to arrive, the demand for their products increased, and my great-grandmother, with her insight and huge efforts, started making bread to supply the new residents, with immediate success.

One of their daughters, my grandmother Digna, and her husband, my grandfather Epifanio, took over the baker’s and started to pave the way by making bread in Venta de Orbaneja, a place to the north of Burgos, baking and delivering bread to nearby villages in the region with the help of their 7 children.

The post-war years

The post-war years were difficult times, where everything was in shortage, and in July and August the people paid for the bread for all year when they harvested the wheat and barley, which was paid for by bushels.

They took the wheat to the stone mills and had it ground to make some of the best bread in the region during the winter months.

The early sixties

Before making their final move to Santander, they set up in San Roque de Riomiera, an important livestock region. It was there that my grandparents rented a baker’s and started selling bread to the local farmers. That was in the early sixties.

Their bread soon earned its reputation and there was strong demand for it in the area.


In 1964, after three years of hard work and sacrifices, and with the savings they had put together over a long time, Epifanio and Digna decided to take their bread making enterprise to the city of Santander, a much larger place with better opportunities for the couple and their 7 children.

With their know-how their bread gradually earned its prestigious reputation in the region, because of its quality and the service the baker’s provided, and the fact that they not only made bread, but they also distributed it to other shops and bakers.

The 80’s

In 1980, my father, Clemente Martinez, the oldest of the boys, took over Panusa, which had been founded in 1969 as the result of merger between several bread making companies who founded Panaderías Unificadas Santanderinas (now Panaderías Nuevas de Santander).

Throughout all those years, and thanks to their huge effort evey day, Panusa has become the leading company in Cantabria for bread and half-baked bread, and is now one of the leading national companies in the industry.

1999 onwards

After 1999, my two brothers and I took over the Company, always following the valuable advice of our father, putting the best of our illusion and passion into making the very best bread.


Today, experience has meant we have been able to apply the knowledge acquired over all those years to make bread that is recognised all over the domestic market, and on several international markets, where our bread stands out for its quality, tradition and innovation.

That is the history of my family and its relationship with bread, and we would like our great-grandparents to be proud of how we have managed to preserve their love for this food down the years, the same love that my great-grandmother Isabel used when making bread for her children and neighbours in Villanueva de Rampalay back in 1914.

Mirian Martínez
Marketing Director of Panusa

Martínez family

Historia de una Pasión - Epifanio Martínez y su familia
Epifanio and Digna with their four oldest children.
Historia de una Pasión - Digna con sus hijos en la Venta de Orbaneja.
Digna with six of her children in Venta de Orbaneja.
Historia de una Pasión - Epifanio y Digna con su familia en la puerta de la panadería de la Venta de Orbaneja.
Epifanio and Digna with some of their children at the door to their baker’s in Venta de Orbaneja.
Historia de una Pasión - Reparto de pan en colegio
Delivering bread to children in the local school.
Historia de una Pasión - Fabricación de pan en Santander PANUSA
Making bread at the factory in Santander.
Historia de una Pasión - Carlos, Fernando y Mirian Martinez - Propietarios de PANUSA
Carlos, Fernando y Mirian Martínez. PANUSA Owners.