Have you got a baker’s? Panusa offers a wide range of different, high quality, healthy bread which is available in different formats.

We supply our clients a wide range of loaves, small baguettes for special meals, sandwich size bread for children, delicious confectionery for breakfast, etc.

We prepare your orders and take them where you need them without you having to concern yourself about anything else.

Furthermore, we are always ready to advise you about your needs and help with baking, maintenance and display of products.


Panusa has a range of top quality, healthy products for you, in innovative formats so that your business can offer the very best. We deliver it to your establishment so that you do not have to worry about it.

Fill your bar display with delicious “Pinchos” bread rolls and offer your customers a wide range of confectionery products for breakfast or evening snacks.

Baguette sandwiches and slice bread where only you set the limits.

And on menus, a wide range of small gourmet bread loaves (cereals, raisins and walnuts, corn, rye, natural garlic, etc.) which are perfect to accompany your dishes.

Always, if you require, under the advice of a team of professionals who will be able to help you offer your clients the very best.