My parents new how to transmit the importance of sacrifice, effort and non-conformity. They taught us never to be satisfied and to fight to improve and overcome difficulties every day. Our father, my main reference, full of projects and brilliant ideas, who all of us wanted to be like when we became adults. Our mother supported the project and taught us effort and perseverance.

All of us started to work in the company when we were young during the holidays, which was a sacrifice that taught us to value the importance of endeavour and teamwork.

Nuestros Valores - Clemente Martínez y Maria Ángeles Villagrá

Our parents passed down four values that we bear in mind every day in our company:

TALENT: Developing the talent of people in our company so that each of them does their best.

AWARENESS: That we make the most important food product in the history of mankind, a product recommended from infancy to adulthood.

PERSEVERANCE: Bread is made every day which means we examine ourselves every day to provide you with the best product.

PASSION: Enjoy what we do, sharing the illusion of four generations whilst respecting our environment and being grateful for the trust placed in our company and our bread. Passionately loving what we do.

Quality and Food Safety

Panusa is backed by the principal quality assurance certificates for its products, complying with all Food Safety requirements:


Quality Assurance Certificate by the Cantabria Association of Indstrial Bread Makers in collaboration with Pepanpi Microbiology Laboratories with the objective of implementing quality assurance and continuous improvement plans in bread making companies.


We know that offering new products with added value is the recipe for success. We are aware of market trends and the challenge of innovating in apparently such a traditional sector. That is why we strive to provide our sector and our clients with innovative products.

  • HEALTHY INNOVATION, all the beneficial properties of bread with other ingredients: spelt, corn, rye, spinach flour, etc.
  • NEW AROMAS AND NEW FLAVOURS making bread eating more appetising: natural onion and garlic, tomato, pepper, roasted malt, etc. Products that do not overpower the delicious taste of bread, but bring it out instead. Without forgetting the most important thing – the bread itself. We use one of the longest natural fermentation processes in Europe, conferring a really crunchy texture to our bread and an incredible taste.
  • NOVEL FORMATS that provide a wide range of possibilities adapting to consumers’ needs, from mini bread rolls for snacks to larger size loaves.
  • Facilities for consumers: Simplifying the finish of our products in express formats, making our customers’ tasks easier.


At Panusa every client is unique, we listen to you to find out about your requirements and do our utmost to meet them with the products that best fit in with what you need.

Our staff are at your disposal to advise you at any time.


Our ingredients are born and grown on the land, land which is sometimes not treated the way it deserved. Our objective is to care for the land in gratitude for what it gives us and so future generations can continue to benefit from it.

The quality of our products is beyond dispute, and in terms of the environment we strive each day to be more respectful with the environment, and this commitment is something consumers value more and more. Saving water, energy, raw materials (cardboard, plastic, etc.), gas emissions, etc., are fundamental actions in which Panusa engages in order to care for our environment.